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Picture of Dr Annie Brennan and a DARE Disability Support supported employment client.

The Are You Inclusive program

We’ve developed a FREE training and resources package for your business or service to help you meet the needs of your customers with ‘invisible’ disabilities, like intellectual disability and autism. This includes getting your business recognised for your inclusiveness and ways for potential customers to find you! To find out more, visit our Program Overview page.

Why participate?

1 in 20 of your customers has either an intellectual disability, autism, acquired brain injury or Down syndrome. Our research has shown that people with ‘invisible’ disabilities like these do no use many local businesses and services, but would like to, and there are many small changes you can make to make them feel welcome.

To find out more about benefits of being inclusive, visit our Why Participate page.

“Inclusion is making whatever you do available to everyone who wants to do it” - quote by Graeme Innes, human rights activitist.

BMEE is proud to be part of this great initiative
— Bernie Fehon, CEO Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise

Picture of person selecting vegetables at a grocery store.

Our research

Dr Annie Brennan created the training package based on information gathered from local people with disability, their family and support workers, as well as local businesses.

To learn more about our research, visit our Research page.

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If you are a business owner or manager who’d like to have your business join the program and receive our welcome pack? Fill in our sign up form to join the program and receive your welcome pack!

(If you’re a staff member of a business that’s already signed up and you’re looking to do your training, visit the video & quiz page.)

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