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Businesses and services that have supported or joined the Are You Inclusive program are listed below.

  • If they’ve signed up but not yet completed the training, they’ll be in the ‘look out for’ section below.

  • If they’ve completed the training, they are listed in the ‘inclusive’ section below. You can search for businesses who have completed the training, or who have done other specific things to be inclusive, as part of the program.

  • If they’ve given us help with developing the Are You Inclusive project, their logo will be in the ‘Thank you’ section below.

For more information on what the businesses and services need to do to be part of the program, visit the Program Overview page.

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Inclusive businesses & services

Businesses & services will be added to the lookup table and map below as they complete the training.

Tips for finding a business or service that suit you:

  • Use the filters to search for a specific business or service, or multiple businesses or services that fit a certain criteria.

  • If a business or service doesn’t have a physical location, they’ll appear in the table but not in the map.

Look out for these businesses & services

These businesses & services have signed up, but are still completing their training. Keep an eye out for them!

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Thank you to the local organisations who have helped us!

Here are some of the local organisations that have contributed to the success of Are You Inclusive:

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