Our Vision

To make our community the best for people living with intellectual disability or autism, while helping our wonderful local businesses.

Our aim

To provide training and resources to businesses to help them meet the needs of customers with disabilities like intellectual disability and autism.

1 in 3 people with DISABILITY say their customer needs are not met.

Is this you or someone you know? If you’d like to find a business near you that meets your needs, have some feedback, or want more information, this is the area for you!

Would you like your business to be more attractive to 20% of Your potential customers?

You don’t need to make big and costly changes to be more inclusive. In fact, DARE Disability Support has a free, easy and quick way!

Some of the local organisations who’ve helped us:

It’s good for our community & it’s good for your business.
— His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d) Governor of New South Wales