We’ve had so much wonderful feedback about our ‘Are You Inclusive?’ program! Here are quotes from some of the many happy people who have been involved.

Community members:

Woman filling in form
So wonderful to see these stickers starting to appear in shop windows. Congratulations to Arabesque and IGA SPRINGWOOD for taking part in this important program. Well done also to DARE for this initiative.
— General community member
It would be really helpful, when I’m struggling.
— Local person with intellectual disability
Love the inclusion that’s happening in my neighbourhood!
— General community member

Businesses owners & managers:

A great project for our local community – thanks for your assistance in helping us connect and become involved.

We’re proud to offer our service to our local community and will benefit in doing so to our disabled population with your resources (video/quiz/pictograms etc).
— Sherilee, Blue Mountains Explorer Bus
Bookshops are all about inclusion. They are about imagination and ideas, enjoyment and knowledge – for everyone. And there are as many different kinds of book readers as there are books. All you need is an open mind.

That’s why I feel it is important to be part of the Are You Inclusive? program. It is not just about being aware of barriers or behaviours that make people feel uncomfortable or unwelcome when they visit your business. It is also a timely reminder of one of the reasons I have a bookshop in the first place.
— Siobhan, Springwood Book Lounge
All the team here have commented that they got something out of the training. Whilst we don’t treat any customers any differently one to another, it provoked some thought as to the way we interact with customers.

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and dignity, and this showed us different ways to enable that to happen for everyone involved.
— Bruce, Beaut-T-Ful Bags, Springwood & Katoomba
I have noticed people asking what the sticker about which we explain to them what it is. Also have noticed more DARE [Disability Support] people coming in. We have had some new customers that have been deaf which we were able to use the training and cards provided to make everything smooth.

We try to use the training to make sure we are treating everyone the same no matter disability or not. But we love being part of your initiative and hope to continue to learn from you. So thankyou for the opportunity
— Mark, Butternut Cafe Springwood
Smiling man
Woman sticker our sticker in her window

Staff/volunteers who have done the training:

I really liked that you interviewed people with invisible disabilities to get their point of view, it really communicated the message of the program.
Very clear and to the point, and especially nice to see local people & places featured.
It gave me confidence that I am doing the right thing.
Informative & professional, many thanks.
I found it enlightening and certainly learnt a lot.

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