Sticker & logo

This is one of the benefits of being part of the ‘Are You Inclusive’ program (for more information, and to sign up, visit our Program Overview page.)

Picture of a person with a big smile

Are you a business or service owner/manager who wants your business to be easily recognised for being inclusive to customers with ‘invisible’ disabilities like intellectual disability and autism?

Once you’re part of our program and have at least 50% of your staff trained, we will send you a sticker & logo

‘Are You Inclusive?’ sticker

Sample sticker design
  • The sticker is for you put in your shop/service window or glassed wall (if applicable).

  • The sticker size is 100 x 150mm.

  • It is die-cut to the shape outline for an eye-catching shape.

  • The adhesive is on the front of the sticker for inside glass installation.

  • If you need any help installing your sticker, or if you would like to request to see a sample, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

‘Are You Inclusive?’ logo

  • The logo is the same design as the sticker (see above).

  • It is for you to use on your website, and other promotional material.

  • The logo will be provided in PNG format, outlined (with no background), in a large size.