Shopper Assessment

This is one of the benefits of being part of the ‘Are You Inclusive’ program (for more information, and to sign up, visit our Training & Resources Overview page.)

Are you a business or service owner/manager who wants to:

  • assess how inclusive you are to your customers with ‘invisible’ disabilities like intellectual disability or autism?

  • check that your staff are putting into practice their inclusiveness training?

If you’re part of our program, you can get a FREE shopper assessment! (Limited to the first 100 businesses/services.)

Man having a cup of coffee

Quote from mother of person with autism:  “I've been stuck when a cafe looked user-friendly, but it turned out not to be. That really is important. A coffee is a coffee, a sandwich is a sandwich - having a pleasant experience is what makes the difference.”

What is a shopper assessment?

A shopper assessment includes:

  • Shopper assessors visiting your business or service. (It will be a ‘mystery’ shopper assessment, where possible.)

  • A feedback report for you.

  • Promotion of all the great things you’re doing to be inclusive that were noted in the assessment.

How do I book it?

A shopper assessment is only available to the first 100 business/services who are part of the ‘Are You Inclusive?’ program and have requested a shopper assessment.

Young man smiling

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to ask some questions about the shopper assessment, please contact us.