What is a pictogram?

Picture of pictograms

Pictograms are visual communication sheets which can help with verbal communication. If you’re taking to a customer and communication is proving difficult, offer a pictogram. Pictograms are available for a number of business & service types - use the one that is best suited to your business or service. A template is available to make your own if you prefer.

Tips for using a pictogram:

Who they are for:

  • These are designed to be used by staff who have completed the video & quiz training (available on our Video & Quiz page).

How to use them:

  • Offer a pictogram to your customer(s) if you’re having trouble communicating with them, even if they have an accompanying support person. The customer may like to be included in the conversation too.

  • If the customer chooses to use the pictogram, offer them to hold it as you both speak to each other and point to the relevant pictures as you say the words.

Where to keep them:

  • Put a copy at each counter/register or each place customer service interactions occur.

  • We also suggest putting a copy in a holder in your shop front, if you have one, for customers to see as they are walking past. This shows everyone how inclusive you are, and also means that customers can bring it to the counter with them if they know they would like to use it.

  • The printed copies we supply as part of the program pack are celloglazed for durability. If you are printing them yourself, or if you need them to be waterproof, we recommend you laminate them.

Pictograms available for download & printing:

Before you download, please note:

  • For businesses enrolled in the ‘Are You Inclusive?’ program, the most relevant pictogram for your business will be provided to you (if applicable). If you need more, please contact us for extra copies (up to 20 are provided free).

  • If you need more than 20, would like a different one, or you’re not yet part of the program, please download the one most relevant to you below.

  • Pictograms are available in two formats:

    • regular formatting for home or office printing, and

    • with crop marks for professional printing.

  • We recommend professional printing for best results.

  • We’ve restricted the editing of these documents because they are copyrighted. If it needs to be edited for any reason, please contact us.

  • If none of these are suitable, use one of the templates available for you to make your own.

Choose the pictogram below that’s right for you:

Retail: groceries, clothing & accessories

Tourism, recreation & transport

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